1969 42' Grand Banks
Onset Mass Dan and Sarah
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The New Tanks!
Some of the new fuel tanks from Vince at American Tanks. A big day.
Vince cutting out the first tank.
Fitting the first tank and transfering the fuel back in.
The finished product.
New forward starboard tank.
Tortoise on the hook.
When we bought her.
Removed 30+ years of paint and returning to her original color.
Old guys rule! Just ask them.
Now bottom wooded.
Red Lead
Ready for her trip back to the water where she belongs.
Very nerve racking and exciting.
The moment of truth....

right box
Our boat
left box

Sarah and I became the new owners of Tortoise in Feb 04.
We spent the first summer on the hard at Wickford Cove Marina in Wickford RI where we wooded the hull of 30+ years of paint. She was once White then Red then dark Blue and finally back to White.
And with the assistance of the trusty hired help.
Well acually they ate chips and drank soda more than worked, but when you pay peanuts.....:-)
After six long months on the hard and alot of effort by Sarah and myself, she's ready for her trip back to the enviroment she was built for. A very rewarding experience!